I am about to do a new thing;

now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness

and rivers in the desert.

–        Isaiah 43:19

Some of  you may have already heard this, but I am leaving the staff of Northminster at the end of 2014.  This decision comes after months of discussion between Jeff Hosmer (our head of staff) and myself that began in November, 2012.  At that time there was significant concern around our church’s budget.  Since that time, I have come to embrace this decision.  While this process has been difficult at times, I have also experienced moments of beauty and grace.

I love Northminster and the communities that surround it.  That love has been demonstrated throughout 13+ years of amazing, humbling, beautiful, ministry to students and families, not only within the walls of Northminster, but throughout Finneytown and Wyoming.  Northminster has been a huge source of blessing to my family as well.  This congregation has embraced Debbie, McKenzie, Brennan, and me in great ways.  We are tremendously grateful for the many ways that we have been shown us God’s love.

I will be working closely with our church’s Staff Development Team and the student ministry leadership to ensure a smooth transition later this year for the Student and Family Ministry.  Plans for interim leadership are already in motion.  While there is a deep sense of grief in leaving Northminster, there are exciting opportunities emerging and would be very enriching and involve a neighborhood approach to church and community that I have long advocated for.

Debbie and I continue to have a passion for building community and thinking about church in new ways.  As you are reading this article, Debbie, McKenzie, Brennan and I will be preparing to leave for the UK for two weeks after accepting an invitation from our good friends from Oasis to come and learn more about their “community hub” approach.   So, we will be travelling around the UK, exploring and participating in the work of Oasis UK, as well as other churches who are working for God’s Kingdom through collaborative relationships. Our goal is take what we learn and experience in the UK and how we can apply it to our context here in Cincinnati.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers, not only for this trip, but for our future.  I would also ask for your prayers for the student and family ministry of Northminster, as well as Northminster, as it continues to go through many transitions.  Janelle Fair and our student ministry leadership will need your support and encouragement as well during this transition.

God is creating new things all around us an in us!  May we celebrate our relationships and live into the new things that God is making way for in our lives and in our community!

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