The Conspire Gathering 2018! SAVE THE DATE!


End Church Competition. Conspire For Community! Join together with a movement of practitioners across North America, and around the world, who are reimagining faithful presence in the everyday life of the places we live.

Multi-site in various Cincinnati neighborhoods

Main Site:

North Presbyterian Church

Hamilton Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45231

October 12-13, 2018

Presented by The Parish Collective 

In partnership with Oasis, The Hive, Common Good Fellowship, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, The Economics of Compassion Initiative, Designed Learning, and Inhabit.

CG banner(Photo credit – Michael Wilson; Design credit Ana Goldaday)

The Conspire Gathering is a two-day conference intentionally designed to engage, encourage, and empower innovative, practitioners as they go about practicing the way of faith in place.

Two years ago, over 100 practitioners, pastors, social entrepreneurs, church planters, community leaders, environmentalists, denominational executives, publishers, professors, urban planners, and artists from all over the globe come together to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the good work being done in hundreds of neighborhoods and parishes. They share a common vision for seeing the transformation of the church through their participation in their neighborhood. They are educated yet grounded in practice, committed to interdisciplinary work, and invested in the flourishing of the Kingdom of God.

Parish Collective is excited to announce that we are now going to expand the Conspire Gathering and make it an annual national conference rooted in the middle of the country, in Cincinnati, OH.

There is very little doubt that our imagination for what it means to be the Church is changing…dramatically. If you believe that joining in God’s renewal in your actual neighborhoods is a crucial step in being the church, you should be at the Conspire Gathering this year.

What’s New in 2018?

Pre-Party. Pre-Gathering symposiums. Happy Hour Gatherings. Targums. Curated Conversations. Small Groups. Forums. Late Night Gatherings. Art Installations. Fishbowls. Poetry Slam. Neighborhood Tour. Interactive Stations. Symposiums. AMAZING friendships! And, yes, much more.

The Conspire Gathering is an initiative of the Parish Collective to gather together ministry leaders and parish practitioners from across denominations, affiliations, and networks who want to subvert the small story of church competition and awaken a collaborative imagination for joining in God’s restoring and reconciling work happening in neighborhoods all around us.


Presenters/Storytellers/Conveners so far (we will be adding quite a few more in the next few weeks):  Peter Block, Dee Yaccino, Derrick Brazeal, Cormac Russell, Nicole Watts, Mandy Smith, Derek Peebles, Ed Goode, Daniel Hughes, Brooklin Taylor, Joey Taylor, Troy Bronsink, Rich Jones, Tim Soerens, Paul Sparks, Dwight Friesen, Anna Golladay, Mary Laymon, Chris Smyth, Doug Pagitt, Cameron Trimble, John Erik Pattison, Chris Smith, Ronnie Matthew Harris, Paula Boggs-Muething, Karen Rohrer, Lesley Jones, Angela Pancella,  David Gaines, Sarah Bufffie, Steve Pavey, Sean Gladding, Scott Hagley, Bryan McCabe, and many more soon to be posted!

For more info, go to!  Or, contact Rich Jones @ and 513-295-5818.

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